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Wednesday: April 23, 2014
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This page is for your general comments, fee based support, fee based development requests, and queries about our services. Requests for free support for FishCart itself must be sent to the open support list.

In particular, if you have purchased the FishCart Installer we invite you to give us your comments on it and how we can improve it.

You can also use this form to send your login information to FishNet if you have purchased support services that require that we have access to your server.

Your Comments, Queries or Support Request

* FishCart Installer Support
Custom modifications for special needs
* Installation on my servers
Strategic alignment of a complementary product
* Callback Telephone Support
Other (please be specific below)

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*** FTP access may require assistance by the server administrator to run one or more commands to create the SQL database tables. This is not a limitation of FishCart; rather, it is not possible to execute the commands via FTP that may be required to create the database without full administrator access.

Domain name that the cart will use:
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